Drop Over Cable Protector Es-B100


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  • Rubber Cable Protector 1000 mm x 210mm x 38mm (L*W*H)

    1 Channels

    For areas of regular foot fall, medium duty floor cable covers are available

    light duty floor cable cover conceals and protects cables in areas of light foot traffic


What is the purpose of the Cable Cover?

Protection of electrical cables in the workplace is a major concern, and that’s why the cable cover was developed. On an average day, many people traffic over cables without even giving it a second thought. However, if these cables were exposed, they could cause serious health hazards, both to the people passing over them and the building in general. Cable covers provide a safe and affordable way to keep cables secured and safe from fraying due to excessive traffic. They also present a very visual warning to people to be careful when walking around the cables so as not to trip themselves up.

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