Hose Ramp


  • Ideal for temporary or semi-permanent use
  • Suitable for hoses and large cables
  • Heavy duty rubber moulding
  • Two open channels (up to 75mm diameter)
  • 300mm width. For example a 3m length would require 10 pieces
  • Reflective strips
  • The Hose Protector reduces traffic speed
  • Quick and easy to put in place – pieces easily join together
  • Recommended maximum speed 5mph
  • Suitable for HGV use
  • The Purpose of Hose Protectors

If you?re working on a project that involves hosing or cables, the last thing you want is for your equipment to be run over. This can be especially important if you?re using such equipment to work in a high traffic area.

Where Can this Product be Used?

This product is great for use in garages, homes, yards, and other high traffic areas, such as streets that are being cleaned. With some great hose protectors, you can easily protect your cables and other equipment from harm while making your own job simpler.

Who Might Use this Product?

This product is great for anyone who works with or around automobiles. Whether you work in a garage or simply work on a street, parking lot or other area where cars are likely to drive over your equipment. This item saves you the trouble of watching out for cars and saves the drivers the trouble of worrying about your equipment.

Hose Protector Unit Specifications

The items we offer are perfect for both semi-permanent and temporary use. They can fit both large cables and hoses and have two open channels. Each chancel can hold an item up to 75mm in diameter. They have reflective stripes to encourage safety during nighttime projects, and they are easy to put into place. Please note that these items will reduce traffic speed, and the maximum speed when passing over them should be 5mph.

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