Rubber Speed Bumps (50mm) ES-B24- Kit (6 meters 6 end caps)


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Rubber Speed Bumps (50mm) ES-B24- (6 meters 6 end caps)

Includes 6 meters Rubber Speed Bump 500 mm x 350mm x 50mm (L*W*H)
6 end caps Rubber End Cap 250 mm x 350mm x 50mm (L*W*H)



Eton safety speed bumps should form an integral part of any small or large scale traffic and speed management scheme. It is designed to slow vehicles right down to a maximum of 5-10 mph which is ideal for spaces where children, people or animals are wandering around freely, to reduce the risk of collisions and to calm traffic in built up areas.

The speed hump can be made as wide or as short as required by building up alternate yellow and black sections to the desired length.

The sleeping policeman provides a severe incline for reducing and managing the speed of vehicles on-site, on the roads and in car parks.

  • Molded from recycled rubber? Tough, durable rubber material.
  • Available in black and yellow colors, the yellow is not painted on but yellow rubber compound compressed to the Bump.
  • Effective speed reduction.
  • Easily installed.
  • Contrasting colors and reflectors for visibility day & night.
  • Surface tread ensures grip even when wet.
  • Easily adjusted to site conditions.
  • Highly suitable for permanent & temporary installations.
  • Suitable for HGV’s.

Speed bumps are specifically made to slow drivers down to between 5 to 10 mph


Hazardous situations such as exit ways, bends, loading bays, weigh bridges, pedestrian crossings, junctions, schools, manufacturing sites, depots, car parks in hospitals, public houses, hotels, sporting venues and other parking locations etc.

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