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Traditional welders gauntlets with a minimum leather thickness of 1.0mm

  • 16″ in length for additional forearm cover
  • Cotton lined cuff with a comfortable inner fleeced lining providing the user with maximum comfort.
  • Extremely good quality gloves for the price. Ideal for welding, grinding, moderate heat protection and protecting against small splashes of hot metal.
  • CE certified and compliant with EN388 ( and EN407 (4.3.3.X.2.X)

Technical Information

Mechanical Hazards EN388 Rating
Resistance to abrasion (0-4):  Resistance Rating 3
Blade cut resistance (0-5):  Resistance Rating 2
Tear resistance (0-4):  Resistance Rating 4
Puncture resistance (0-4):  Resistance Rating 4

Thermal Hazards (Heat and/or Fire) EN407 Rating

Burning behaviour (0-4):  Level 4Contact heat (0-4):  Level 3
Convection heat (0-4):  Level 3
Radiant heat (0-4):  Level X
Small splashes of molten metal (0-4): Level 2
Large splashes of molten metal (0-4): Level X

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